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muffin batter.

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shockingly convenient. undeniably delicious.

Our fresh frozen batter is an easy addition to your meal prep routine. Enjoy daily at mealtime, as a snack, dessert or to fuel the most active parts of your day.

how it works

Bought and stored frozen until you’re ready to make fresh muffins at home. Simply thaw the batter, cut the corner of the bag, pipe the batter into a silicone muffin pan and bake! The batter will yield 12 mindfully balanced muffins in our regular silicone pan or 48 mini muffins in our mini silicone pan.




the difference

not your average muffin

Shockingly Convenient

Our fresh frozen batter comes pre-mixed so all you have to do is thaw, cut, squeeze, bake and enjoy.

Undeniably Delicious

Savory or sweet, our decedent muffins will make you feel like you're indulging in a treat you can feel good about. 

Actually Healthy

It's in the ingredients. Each batch is made with Greek yogurt, egg whites, almond flour, oat flour and flavored with real fruit or meat and cheese.

No Prep, No Mess. Grab-and-Go Ease. Nutrient-Dense.

batch baking tips

tip 1

use our silicone pan

tip 2

get every drop with batter tool

tip 3

add your favorite toppings

tip 4

bake on middle rack

tip 5

let muffins cool 30 minutes

tip 6

store muffins in refrigerator


top your muffins

Make the batches your own by adding your most-loved toppings to the high-protein muffin batter. A few of our favorites are: adding walnuts and dark chocolate chips to the Banana Bread batter, topping the Carrot Cake batter with raisins and pecans and topping the Double Chocolate with dark chocolate chips.

To add your toppings, we recommend baking halfway through the bake time, pulling the batch out of the oven and then adding toppings to bake the remainder of the time. Doing this will ensure that your toppings don’t sink! 

for the best results

batch balanced silicone pans

For the best results, we strongly recommend using a silicone muffin pan when you bake your high-protein muffins. Made of 100% pure silicone and BPA-free, our silicone muffin pans are easy to clean, dishwasher safe and allow for a quick and easy release of your tasty muffins. Available in both regular and mini sizes — choose the pan that best suits your needs or opt for both to switch things up every now and then! 

what are macros?

nourish your body

To keep it simple, macronutrients are protein, carbohydrates and fat. The benefits of balancing macros include:

▲ Stabilized Blood Sugar
▲ Increased Metabolism 
▲ Burning Fat + Building Muscle 
▲ Increased Energy
▲ Decreased Cravings