Batch Balanced makes high-protein muffin batter with the perfect ratio of macronutrients for ready-to-eat snacks and meals all week. Our mission is to make preparing and providing healthy food simple, convenient and delicious.
High-protein muffin batter is made fresh and stored frozen until you are ready to make fresh muffins at home. It is as simple as thawing the batter, cutting a corner of the bag, piping batter into muffin trays and baking. 
All muffins are free of refined grains and are sweetened with fruit to avoid added sugar. We offer sweet and savory batches.  Serving size is two muffins which will provide 16-24g protein, 5-12g net carbs and 9-11g fat depending on flavor. 
The muffins were created with macronutrients top of mind. When a meal consists of the right ratio of protein, carbs and fat it will stabilize blood sugar, maximizes metabolism, increases muscle, burns fat, elevates energy, and decreases cravings. Eating more frequent meals with smaller portions will train your metabolism to work efficiently. Try batch muffins for breakfast and snacks while eating a colorful salad with protein for lunch and a dinner made up of protein and veggies.
Batch Balanced is a direct to consumer company that combines taste, convenience and nutrition so there is always a healthy option available for you and the people you care about.  We serve Des Moines Metro and Davenport for weekly batch delivery + pickup.