making healthy eating convenient and delicious.

our mission

Healthy Options. Healthy Choices. Healthy Habits.

Batch Balanced was founded on the simple belief that healthy options create healthy choices and healthy choices create healthy habits. Our mission is to make preparing and providing healthy food simple, convenient and delicious to empower people to create and sustain healthy habits.

honest ingredients. better tasting.

We’re here to make healthy choices easier with our good-for-you muffins that fit into busy schedules. Our approach is focused on how eating balanced macros — protein, carbs and fat — supports blood sugar balance, keeps you feeling fuller longer, increases metabolism and supports the pace of your life. Unlike traditional muffin batters, our batter is frozen for a reason. Our fresh-frozen method results in more nutrients, better flavor and food that you can take ownership of. 

From busy families to active individuals, athletes and empty-nesters, our balanced batter is an easy addition to any meal prep routine and result in muffins that can be eaten on the go. With no prep, no mess and a taste that is enthusiastically kid-approved, you can bake your batches weekly and enjoy daily at mealtime, as a snack or to fuel the most active parts of your day.  

it's in the name

batch balanced


quanity of goods produced at one time


different elements in the correct proportions

our story

Batch Balanced muffins began in my home as a way to feed my family highly nutritious food that is easy to make and tastes good without refined grains or added sugar. 

Health and nutrition have always been a major part of my life but after nearly being diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder in my mid-20s, I realized that eating nutritious foods and balanced macros in every meal was the best way to keep my body feeling and functioning its best by supporting blood sugar balance and metabolic function. This started a journey to take greater ownership of my health through nutrition and to make it as delicious as possible.

This health journey intersected with motherhood as feeding my daughters healthy and well-balanced food was imperative. The foodie in me began to experiment in my kitchen by creating nutritious meals that made life as a busy mom a little less hectic. I soon developed a high-protein batter from nutrient-dense foods that could be baked into delicious and healthy muffins. These muffins quickly became a staple in my home and began to grow in popularity with family and friends. I began to make larger quantities of batter that I froze and thawed as needed to make the weekly meal prep more efficient. And with this, Batch Balanced was born. 

In 2019 I officially started Batch Balanced by taking the nutritious batter that I originally created in my home kitchen to the commercial kitchen to provide a convenient and delicious way for people to bring more healthy habits into their lives.  

I truly believe in this product and it makes me so proud to see the positive benefits it has had on my family, friends and total strangers that have come into my life through the shared journey of pursuing greater health through real and delicious food.